This Line is a Circle and It Keeps Repeating

From Comrades to Co-Founders: Mulazine Delves into Oolang Studios' Pioneering Transformation of Malaysia's Eyewear Scene.

We whispered, “What a lovely place to be able to think and dream.” 

This view, a canvas of hopes and aspirations, was set against an ambiance infused with love and diligent effort. Adlina and Wan Nur Azreena, in their vibrant mid-twenties, share an unbreakable bond of friendship and a steadfast dedication to revolutionizing Malaysia’s fashion scene. These dynamic founders of Oolang Studios exemplify the power of partnership and shared dreams, bringing to life not only a thriving eyewear brand but also serving as a beacon of inspiration in the fashion and creative world. 

At its essence, Oolang Studios is a testament to a profound connection formed within the academic halls. The brand’s name, blending creativity with cultural echoes, speaks to its core principles. Reflecting on their college days, Azreena and Adlina recall a mutual ambition to launch a business, initially by up cycling thrifted clothing. “Ulang,” meaning “repeat” in Malay, symbolizes the fashion cycle and served as the seed for their brand’s name.

Their foray into eyewear marked a pivotal evolution. “Ulang” transformed into “Oolang,” a subtle change with significant implications. The double ‘O’, mirroring eyes, perfectly embodies their brand’s essence – eyewear that empowers seeing and being seen. Oolang Studios is more than just a fashion label; it’s a proponent of slow fashion, valuing quality and timelessness, mirroring the foundational ethos of its name. In the saturated eyewear market, Oolang Studios stands out with its multifaceted approach that goes beyond mere aesthetics. Their affordable-premium range and dedication to designing for Asian facial features, particularly the challenging low-bridge fit, introduce a new perspective to eyewear fashion. Their commitment to meaningful messaging, enduring values, and firm convictions distinguish them in an era where impulsive consumption overshadows mindful choices.  

“Last year marked the beginning of our adventurous journey into R&D, a pivotal stage that saw Ana immersed in the vibrant streets of London. From the iconic halls of Selfridges to the eclectic Liberty, she delved into a world of inspiration, capturing endless snapshots of stylish sunglasses, captivating graffiti, and all things we deemed “cool.” Meanwhile, Adlina was back home, diligently unraveling the intricacies of branding. Our philosophy hinges on the belief that innovation sprouts from the amalgamation of existing ideas and designs. It’s this blend of diverse influences that shapes our brand vision. “Oolang Studios is more than a label; it’s a reflection of our identity, a narrative woven through our creative lens” Here, we trust wholly in our artistic instincts, allowing them to guide us in crafting eyewear that’s not just an accessory but an extension of one’s persona.”

Oolang Studios appeals to a diverse audience, united by their unique view of the world. Instead of targeting a specific group, Azreena and Adlina embrace a broad spectrum, celebrating creativity across various ages and professions. Their campaigns are a celebration of creative universality, inviting everyone to experience the Oolang essence. Every pair of Oolang sunglasses is the product of a meticulous design process, where research is pivotal, and global inspiration is key. As they explored R&D, one in London and the other delving into branding, they gathered diverse influences, culminating in unique and resonant designs. In an era where sustainability is not just a trend but a responsibility, Oolang Studios champions ethical fashion, focusing on small-batch production and eco-friendly practices.

While currently focused on eyewear, Adlina, and Azreena’s aspirations extend to creating a comprehensive lifestyle brand. Inspired by Sunnies Studios and Sporty and Rich, they envision a brand that transcends eyewear, resonating globally. Their tagline “Paint The Town Blue,” inspired by the enigmatic Yves Klein blue, symbolizes a fresh perspective on life. Kuala Lumpur, with its vibrant energy, serves as their artistic playground and homage to its diverse culture. Their ethos, “Strictly for show-offs,” is not arrogance but a mantra of empowerment and confidence.

Adlina and Azreena, the visionary minds behind Oolang Studios, are more than business partners; they are soulmates in the realm of fashion and innovation. Their journey, originating from a college class, has flourished into an entrepreneurial adventure, defying norms and fueled by their shared creativity. Oolang Studios’ creative process is an exploration of discovery. Their inspiration comes from diverse sources, from casual window shopping and social media exploration to the hidden gems of thrift stores. Their ability to synthesize these elements showcases their talent for finding beauty and inspiration in everyday surroundings.

In a world often governed by conformity, Adlina, and Azreena stand as beacons of individuality and creative liberation. Oolang Studios is not just a fashion brand; it’s an embodiment of dreams, friendship, sustainability, and a bold future vision. Their journey is an invitation to follow an unconventional path, to immerse in the richness of creativity, and to view the world through a lens that appreciates the beauty of the unorthodox.

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