About Us

Mulazine (Pronounced as Moola - Zeen) is both a digital publication and a collective. Powered by a dynamic team of multi-faceted creatives, we seamlessly blend the written word with visual, graphic, and performance arts, all tailored for the digital era. Drawing inspiration from the raw, unrestricted spirit of vintage media, Mula challenges boundaries, using social media not just as a tool, but as a weapon to question and defy censorship.

 Rooted in the word "Mula," which translates to "start" in Malay, we are committed to initiating bold dialogues and challenging the conventional. Born from a love for unique perspectives, fashion-forward narratives, and deep, insightful explorations, Mulazine is the embodiment of the untamed and unfiltered. We were born from an appreciation for niche observations, sartorial and pastiche pop culture references, mixed with everything else in between.

Founding Editor: Alia Soraya ([email protected])
Managing Editor and PR/Events: Pravin Nair ([email protected])

Editor-At-Large : Nazrul Kamsol
Senior Creative Advisor: Binti
Sub-Editor: Sahadev Chhetri
Deputy Editor: Amelia Jaffar
Photographic Director: Jordan Chan
Senior Writer: Natasha Pea
Art and Culture Writer: Thaqif Aris
Fashion and Arts Writer: Julia Merican
Fashion and Music Writer: Anisha Khemlani
Coordinator: Ira Erina