Zero Waste Malaysia and The 101 items on the Trashpedia

A Trashpedia, a model tiger made out of 101 types of recycled materials and how we as a consumerist society can work towards making better purchases and getting rid of it. Scroll down below to read the overview of Zero Waste Malaysia's efforts in teaching all Malaysian's how to make greener, conscious efforts.
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Having hosted their first in-person event since the start of the pandemic, Zero Waste Malaysia situated themselves at Jaya One. The purpose behind having had the event was to celebrate the launch of Malaysia’s first extensive online trash encyclopedia. Having named it Trashpedia, offers users all across Malaysia a chance to learn and understand the waste that comes out of our own homes. Educating consumers on single-use items and how throw-away culture is very inherent in the way we conduct our lives, the trash-based encyclopedia gives us an opportunity to seek out items that are recyclable and finding resources and ways to recycle them within the communities we inhabit.

Also making an appearance at the event were artists, Celine Tan and Oscar Lee. The couple, who were the individuals behind the “Last Pride of Tiger” artwork curated an entire sculpture of a tiger based on trash items found around them based on the Trashpedia index of the 101 listed items. ““We are very happy that Zero Waste Malaysia reached out to us for this partnership. We have been creating artwork with waste materials for three years now because we want to highlight how human overconsumption and not watching what you do with your waste can impact Mother Earth. To all of those who love our tiger and want to reduce your environmental footprint, Trashpedia is definitely a good place to start,” shares the artists.

You can check out the Trashpedia list here for more information.