Transitioning from youth to adulthood with TY:DEL

Yasmin Arisa In Conversation With TY:DEL

It’s a cold cold world that we live in. Experiencing a time where we can become unsure of where to plant our doubts and insecurities. Tied up in thoughts that devour our point of view.

Indie-pop band TY:DEL, is here to direct human attention to (having) mobility in self-acceptance. Their recent single ‘So In Love (Tonight)’ encourages listeners to tune in with the beautiful selves within us, and show the steps it would take to build a stronger and more intimately familiar form. Loving yourself is easier said than done but TY:DEL ensures that you are not alone. From one human to another, this song, packed with warm exuberance, gives everyone a voice and marks itself as a reminder that love and acceptance conquer everything.

TY: DEL​ comprises four members; ​Ritchie Retita​, Timothy Long​, ​Carlson Kam​, and ​Roshan Sundram​. This is the first time the band is introducing a huge body of work to the public. When they connected the dots between each track and realized that the songs conveyed a powerful theme that tied the EP together, the concept became a huge creative driving force for the band.

With the ways that this group of friends has challenged themselves to transit the passageways of the creative scene, they are showing that they are capable of bringing something more to the table. The band’s EP, ‘To Anyone Listening’ which is set to greet the world in early April, centers around the experiences of youth in transition to adulthood.

Photo Courtesy of TY:DEL 

Having experimented with unconventional recording methods and dipping their toes in different genres, the dreams of four determined young men with a burning passion for music, are in for a sweeping ascent.

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