HANYA ’22 Raya Collection: “She was once..”

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The straightforward manner in which clothing is presented to us on its many occasions has restructured our manner of absorbing and has now, led us into a state of numbness. The consumerist structures which we have adapted to have since debilitated our need to seek the stories that are interwoven at the seams. We’ve also debated on the concept of tradition and how it intermingles with clothing. At Mula, we’ve found intricacies and similarities in how certain pieces will remain synonymous to time – an immortalization of silhouettes and cuts that have and will remain relevant. The old and the new, something different, and there’s definitely something blue. That’s where Hanya comes in. 

Marking this year’s flow of Raya collection from local brands, Hanya – FKA Shop Hanya across social platforms – pays homage to mothers and the stories that precede motherhood in their Raya collection this year. Deriving the looks of their collection on an almost nostalgic take on the memories and experiences formed by the women in our lives, Hanya has found itself strengthening its brand’s tagline – for women by women. Raya clothing is transcendental to many past memories and the cherishing of traditions in each family – one that is reminiscent across cultures. “The collection is a celebration to our mothers – the dreams, romances, battles won, heartbreaks, and aspirations of these women – all gathered together before becoming firmer and becoming ready for motherhood”. 

Looking back is so reminiscent of traditions and the past and how things have gone in its way for as long as it did. But this year, Hanya stepped into the spotlight, becoming the first Malaysian brand to take part in going digital. Coalescing the rituals and customs that are a commonplace in fashion, the brand took it a step further to introducing their collection online. Our editor who sat in for the show documented the animated scenes portrayed on screen. The animated model – headless, limbless, and with no feet – filled each and every clothing piece perfectly. Hanya’s intent on showcasing an online show, albeit, not new, is something not seen in the Malaysian fashion scene. Intending on allowing accessibility for all their viewers, it seems that Hanya has found a way to interweave its past and presently allowed itself to redefine the future of the brand. 

Featuring 15 pieces, Hanya shows its solidarity in standing as a slow-fashion label. Watch the collection’s virtual runway today and be immersed in that body of water the model walks through. Let it take you back to the past or the future or stay somewhere in between. Ebb yourself through the moments in time just as she once did, for she once was, and now you will carry on the same way she did.