1. Brand Partnerships
    Jump on board and collaborate with us at MulaZine! Take advantage of our unique medium on both our website and socials by splaying contents of your liking in the most engaging way. Rest assured, everything published will be refined and enhanced with the help of our unique team of writers and content creators.
  2. Advertising and Placement
    Place and advertise your campaigns or branded content on either of our channels. Utilize our space and profit from knowing that your content will reach our mass audience. All forms of advertising and campaigns will be placed on our social media platforms ranging from Instagram, Twitter, and on our main site in the form of banner advertisements.
  3. Media Partnerships
    Any partnerships from media companies will be undertaken with organizations that reflect our personal beliefs; which is to champion individuals from all walks of life and to cover everything retro and that needs recognizing. These partnerships would entail exclusively curated content for you and our audience. Content covered will range from exhibitions, conferences, openings, and other engaging events to media-rich opportunities. In any special case, commissioning will be prioritized where seen fit.
  4. Job Vacancies & Contributions
    If you are interested in sending pitches, editorial submission or even looking to join our team, drop an email over to our Editor in Chief, Alia Soraya at alia@mulazine.com
  5. PR & Marketing
    For any inquiries regarding PR and Marketing, do not hesitate to drop us an email at alia@mulazine.com