WHO AM I: Jamila Hardy

by Alia Soraya

“Who am I” is a short fashion film directed by Jamila Hardy, a fashion photography student in London College Of Fashion. The clothes seen were all looks from designer Aminat Damilola’s Spring Summer ’18. Aminat is a menswear designer that’s currently studying in Central Saint Martins. Together with Fashion Photographer Jamila Hardy, they have created a one minute film.

Hardy explained that her concept behind this video was the CCTV surveillance camera and how it watches your every move. Through the premise of being identified, her aim was to identify fashion through the lens of a surveillance camera. As the designer’s idea revolves around her family and how she’s always on the move, she was first inspired by personal identification which formed the basis behind the conception of this project. 

Hardy mentioned that she became obsessed with government control and the idea of “big brother”, and how we are often kept under constant surveillance through CCTV cameras. People often come up with preconceptions of others based simply upon the way they’re dressed and what they do, and start speculating a form of identity on their own.