Natasha Pea

Senior Writer


What do you do?
I do a lot. Well for one I write for Mulazine, and have a column I’ve been running here since the start of 2020 called #AskNatasha in which I interview cool and interesting people, answer questions readers have sent in, and dabble in amateur film photography. Outside of Mula, I am a soon-to-be law grad who is Figuring it Out. Dance, on the other hand, is a very big part of my life and I’ve been able to travel to perform and appear in music videos because of it. I suppose I model sometimes too.
Why do you do what you do and how do you convince people that you love what you do?
Simply put, it makes life worth living. I feel like I wouldn’t need to convince people. You could probably see it in my face.
What’s your birth chart and which one do you resonate most with?
Well, I have 3 Scorpio placements. Make with that information what you will.
What’s your best skill, and one skill that you wish you had?
I don’t know if this is what you would traditionally call a ‘skill’ but I’m pretty damn intuitive and it’s helped me out a lot in life. A skill I wish I had would have to be musical intelligence– something that, unfortunately, doesn’t come as naturally to me.
What’s a quintessential signature you that many can be familiar with?
My banshee howl for a laugh, perhaps?
How did you get to where you are now and what were some of the fall backs that you had to go through?
Some luck, determination, and the willingness to try. I’ve had many a fallback in my day– ranging from doubt from others to mistake making to anxiety. But the biggest one would have to be not realizing sooner that I am my biggest enemy.
What’s your favorite photo in your gallery and why?

I had a hard time choosing because I have way too many but it’s probably got to be this picture of my kindergarten exercise book. Self-explanatory. 

What’s your pet peeve?
Describe to us what your ideal collaboration and client is. Also, who would you want to work with?
I wanna work with anyone whose vision and work ethic aligns with mine. Or anyone I can learn from and help push me to be great. Honestly, I can think of so many people and this is a mere pipe dream but if I could work with FKA Twigs… bruh.
How should one approach you to working together?
Literally just hit me up in my Instagram DMs! Or email if you’d prefer.