Faris Sedek

Art Director, Singapore


What do you do?
I am a Singapore-based freelance videographer/editor who aspires to be a full-time filmmaker. I am also currently a film student at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. I am a part of the Visuals team for Mulazine.
Why do you do what you do and how do you convince people that you love what you do?
I discovered therapeutic energy whenever I see visuals of any form. I have always been having the feel of excitement about discovering new films and music videos that I would learn and be inspired by. These inspirations will eventually lead to me creating visuals of any sort that can be presented to the viewers.
What’s your birth chart and which one do you resonate most with?
I am a Pisces and it has been ticks and crosses for me with the traits in which it represents. There is one trait that stood up for me and that is being imaginative. I have loved to express myself through imagination ever since I was a kid. I do believe the imaginations I created in my mind drives me into creating and developing my artistic bubble and personal branding.
What’s your best skill, and one skill that you wish you had?
I started shooting ‘home videos’ and discovered a love for editing ever since I played around with my first ever camera that I bought. Throughout the years, I mainly focus on honing my skills in editing which includes color grading, patching up things, and just working on the tedious work ever. To sum it up, I guess I have the grit to produce the best work I could achieve through post-production. Photography is one skill that I always try to get started on. It takes a great amount of patience to get a great shot which I am surely still working on. I do always get myself involved with my peers in production that includes photography occasionally. So, who knows ya.
What’s a quintessential signature you that many can be familiar with?
Adventurous. I yearn for something different in everything I do. I strive much more whenever I have been put on new challenges. I believe I learn and discover more about myself if I willingly put myself into that situation. Be it working with different teams, genre, working environment, or even eating something you have never tasted before. Eventually, it will inspire you to venture out and create something you did not even think of doing.
How did you get to where you are now and what were some of the fall backs that you had to go through?
Ok, where do I even start? It was pretty hectic and lots of gamble with the decisions I made. Of course, I had no idea what kind of path I wanted to take when I was not even sure what I love to start off with. I did spend two years studying stage production during my early days. Serving the nation took a toll on me mentally and I blindly continued my studies into stage management. Well, I did lose my interest at the early stage of that two-year course. I managed to get through with a handful of memories to fond about. I had to continue my studies in which I secretly registered myself to an Art school that my parents were against for years. Convincing my parents was a huge challenge, promising that this step of shifting myself into an Art school will lead me to greater opportunities that eventually fulfill a career that I seek for.
What’s your favorite photo in your gallery and why?
It has got to be the poster for a short film that me and my team did, ‘Goodnight’. It screams out memories and learning curves that I gained about filmmaking. This project reassured me of the signature flair that I always aim for. I still have a long way to go into making great films but ya, this project proves to me that I am on the right track.
What’s your pet peeve?
This may be out of context but being late in anything. I always believe that time is money and every second count. A minute of lateness could change everything. But as I grow older, I learned to accept it is unavoidable at times. Other than that, I am cool.
Describe to us what your ideal collaboration and client is. Also, who would you want to work with?
It has to be Jean Khamkwan (@khamkwan) who is responsible for directing music videos such as Lover Boy by Phum Viphurit, Hurts by Tahiti 80 and etc. There is always an element of electropop in the works that she produced. I feel that we would make a great team with the creative style we share and a thing or two things we can learn from each other. If we ever stumble upon a chance to be co-directors, making a music video for Two Door Cinema Club (my favorite band) would be the dream. Visuals filled with dancers, bubbles, and lots of glitters. I mean nothing is impossible, right?
How should one approach you to working together?
I consider myself someone who is easy to communicate with. I hate to put myself in a situation where a conversation gets awkward or just plain silent. I do put an effort into making something work even if it is not going anywhere. One conversation away through my DM or e-mail preventing us from being a team and creating something great.