Anisha Khemlani

Writer and Researcher


What do you do?
I’m a writer professionally! My work aims to write about fashion, music, arts, and culture through a critical and anthropological perspective. Outside of that, I enjoy dabbling in visual arts (painting, drawing, moving image, design) where I’m currently working on a personal branding project called 333btrfly (coming soon!).
Why do you do what you do and how do you convince people that you love what you do?
In terms of convincing people I love what I do, I don’t really think there’s a need for that. I feel like as long as the work I produce is good and shows passion within, that should suffice. As for, why I do what I do- I guess because so far that’s what I want to do!
What’s your birth chart and which one do you resonate most with?
I honestly can’t say. Sometimes I feel more Sagittarius, sometimes more Capricorn. The more time goes on though, I realize astrology as fun as it is, is just another way to box yourself in.
What’s your best skill, and one skill that you wish you had?
Hmm, this is a hard one. I’m not sure if this counts as my greatest skill but maybe a quality – my friend once told me the best thing about me was my complete open-mindedness and I do believe that (not trying to sound cocky) because from personal experience, I’m definitely a grower and not great at first impressions, so I believe in giving people the chance to truly show themselves before making judgments! One skill I wish I had is to be able to play the violin :-(
What’s a quintessential signature you that many can be familiar with?
My blue eyeliner hehe!
How did you get to where you are now and what were some of the fall backs that you had to go through?
I don’t know how to answer this really because professionally I’m only just getting started. I guess the main thing I try to be mindful of is just showing up and doing the thing! Pushing through is key.
What’s your favorite photo in your gallery and why?

No comment.

What’s your pet peeve?
Describe to us what your ideal collaboration and client is. Also, who would you want to work with?
I think i’d like to work with all of my friends eventually because they’re all so talented in different ways! And anyone I meet who’s on a similar wavelength but able to bring something different to the table who I’m able to have open conversations with.
How should one approach you to working together?
Email me please!