Amelia Natasha

Fashion and Culture Writer


What do you do?
I write for MulaZine— mostly you’ll see my work revolving around topics like art, fashion, music, and current social events. Outside of Mula, I’m a multi-modal educator. When I say that— I mean I don’t just stick to one method of teaching. I believe everyone learns differently— some prefer experience-based learning, some are good at reading while others are visual learners. So my pedagogy changes according to the students I have. I think it’s important to remain fluid while teaching because it’s not about trying to train people to obtain the best marks, but the best understanding.
Why do you do what you do and how do you convince people that you love what you do?
I do what I do because it is what sparks joy in me. It is what pushes me to get up in the morning and more importantly, education is the backbone of a society. How can we as a nation grow if our people are ignorant? I don’t really mind or aim to convince people that I love what I do. I just know I love it genuinely and when your love is real— I guess that shows regardless.
What’s your birth chart and which one do you resonate most with?
I’m a Scorpio through and through.
What’s your best skill, and one skill that you wish you had?
I’m really good at telling if someone is lying. I wish I was one of those people who could pick up an instrument and play it really well by ear. A girl can dream.
What’s a quintessential signature you that many can be familiar with?
I have huge earrings and I’m always dressed with earrings. I’d rather be naked than be earring-less
How did you get to where you are now and what were some of the fall backs that you had to go through?
You’ll be surprised at what a smoll Asian girl with big hair who doesn’t take no for an answer can do. How did I do it? I guess if I had any advice for someone is introspect. The more you understand yourself the more you can humble the ego and the more meaningful experiences can be. And the faster you learn. You learn from especially, the ones where you fail.
What’s your favorite photo in your gallery and why?

It’ll be the one with my mum cause mum is life.

What’s your pet peeve?
Describe to us what your ideal collaboration and client is. Also, who would you want to work with?
Someone who is open to discourse, genuine and is willing to have a two way conversation is always a nice client. Also, someone who is environmentally conscious and socially aware is also ideal.
How should one approach you to working together?
Just shoot me an email!