text by Titie Payung

Malaysian indie-denim brand Tarik Jeans, has recently released tees to complement your Chinese New Year festivities and outings with more streetwear flare. This capsule drop consists of one t-shirt each from a collaboration between Tarik Jeans and their subsidiary, Ayu By Tarik. The black Tarik Mercun tee, priced at RM89, is surely able to be paired with many things already in your closet. However, it promises more excitement than any regular black tee as the black canvas of the fabric is contrasted by bright pops of yellow and red used for the captivating image placed in the centre. The white ‘Prosperi-Tee’, named Ong Lai by the new female line Ayu, priced at RM79, is perfectly accentuated with accents of red on the sleeves, collar and colouring of the cheongsam in the image on the centre. Many looks can be put together with this piece, namely with jeans, shorts, ripped jeans, skirts, a t-shirt dress if ordering a larger size, and more. Both pieces offer great versatility with everyday pieces from your wardrobe, whilst also ensuring that the its individuality and standing out from the crowd’s regular black and white t-shirt, is maintained. Tarik Jeans hopes to connect with the youth of Malaysia, in embracing their Malaysian and Nusantara identities and they have most certainly accomplished this as they have found a bridge between celebrating one’s culture, while still maintaining their identity in streetwear. Who knows? The pieces are fit to use for everyday wear and the youth might incorporate it to more daily looks and represent their culture, without even realising. Other than the brand’s trademark philosophical designs and intentions, you will also find that the tees. like their other products, are a higher quality of streetwear, meaning, the money you spent on them, will stand the test of time.