Baka Dari Sains + Magic

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Baka Dari Sains + Magic (BDSM) is an ongoing multi-medium series that explains the interpersonal experiences of the restrictive pangs felt in an apparent liberation. In English, the title translates to Breed from Science and Magic. BDSM displays a slippery documentation of the familiar androgynous plague that is the human condition and emotion through one magnified observation of the evident caste divide that money, daddies, and human anatomy have and can continue to determine. 

Baka Dari Sains + Magic is one person’s revision in accepting and embracing the facts and their position in the face of the unforgiving, inescapable larger scale of existence. BDSM aims to agree that there lives a grey area between oxymoronic fiction and observed facts: where one thought can echo into multiple ripples that contribute to the collective consciousness streaming only as one. 

In this exploration using photographs, the systemic sister worry under the umbrella of Baka Dari Sains + Magic is remarked through an individual that is neither man nor woman that serves as the canvas towards concluding a seeming confusion. Though currently living in an era of a flowing fluid majority, there are still some deeds deemed unexplainable even only to oneself. 

When the biological burden is amplified and the focus inevitably registers on what is foremost physical, what is divine within shies away from shining. The eight photographic frames chosen as a part of this series serve as the handpicked pink punk think-thunk every nothing zillion zilch visual aids towards a possible trajection into a sweaty handshake and attempt at understanding in the intersection. 

Special Thank You to: Mutt, Syukri A. Rahim, Alia Soraya, Steve Jobs