As Long As We Stay Ft Heidi Moru: FUGO by Yasmin Arisa

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There comes a time when you hear a piece of music and you think to yourself, “I need to connect with this”. Every so often, the connection happens naturally. Some other times, it requires a couple of tries. You yearn for some sort of spark wherein attempts at peace, laughter and solace oscillate.

In an instant, Fugo’s “As Long As We Stay” featuring Heidi Moru offers a real visceral punch. The smooth marriage of voices creates a nostalgic atmosphere as it unlocks the door to a pleasant, deliberate melodic fluency.

The sweet, crisp bursts of distant synths elevate Fugo’s bittersweet track into a spacey, transformative, translucent experience. Saturated with heavy emotions, the song details the classic mishaps of a traditional pop subject – unrequited love, which is beautifully translated in the accompanying music video where the quartet’s aesthetic template of earthy tones enraptures the broken-hearted. The days of identity-dissolving and unhealthy first love flash before your eyes, as the protagonist’s journey is delivered in a way that hands our hearts and soul into the palms of his hands.
We, as beings bear a deep, aching need to be loved and wanted. There are times, however when we have trouble recognizing when others no longer, or are unable to treat us tenderly. We have a hard time living when they choose a life that excludes us. When they no longer want or love us. So, we flit between many things – finding a moment in time when it was easier to understand that things can’t or won’t ever be the same as they were. What once was shall no longer consume you.

The song’s cyclical nature takes us through the wave of loss and the crescendo that leads to a realization of optimism in the end. As the music trails off into soft swathes of clear piano tones: arranged in an appreciative manner, adhering to the tune’s progressive nature, the primary emotion is closer to acceptance.
It is said that the four-person band believes in making good music for the community. Behind their thoughtful songwriting and effort in melding revival sounds with a modern attitude, I have a strong belief they will continue to do so.