by Francis Wolf
Illustrations by Kirin, @bungadanbintang

Every city is alive and 
is always telling you
what it thinks.

Sometimes we just
need to stop and read.

(A portmanteau of "keluh"
and "dinding"-written graffiti)
is an ongoing project
to collect
and appreciate street pose.


When someone writes on a wall
it's often direct and
to the point.


The urgency to put thoughts
on a wall is
the beauty of kelunding.

This was found
on Jalan Tun H S Lee.




surprises like this sweet note
from a pengemis (beggar)
with a marker are a gem to find.

This was found
on a pavement along Jalan Ampang.


Or this beautiful piece 
in Chinese
found in Section 17,
Petaling Jaya.

"Never forget Where You Started
We fight For Truth
Wisdom and Dreams With No Fear
By Confronting or Conscience."


The next time you take a walk 
in the city,
Take the time to see
what it feels.

almost always never last.



Francis Wolf is a
musician, writer,
publisher and tabletop-games-
His band, Spunky Funggy was one
of the pioneers of KL's
punk rock scene. His latest
solo album, Surrogate Friend,
was released in 2016.
His books include Kept In Ink,
A memoir about Friendship,
Precarity and getting a
Sak Yant Tattoo in Thailand;
aand Kelunding,

a photographic documentation
of written graffiti in & around
Kuala Lumpur.
Francis Wolf was invited 
to write this short story
in conjunction
of Urbanscapes 2019
in an effort
to get people to