Yasmine Lazuli


Reading Time: 19 minutes An insight of memorabilia and milestones with Eff Hakim


Reading Time: 10 minutes An insider interview of music, movement, and moments with Syukri A. Rahim


Baka Dari Sains + Magic

Reading Time: < 1 minute Baka Dari Sains + Magic (BDSM) is an ongoing multi-medium series that explains the interpersonal experiences of the restrictive pangs felt in an apparent liberation.


Reading Time: 9 minutes A tea party on speed, a house in the woods made out of cotton candy: queer, pink, sweet, and sticky, meant to make you feel uncomfortable and call for your attention without having to demand or beg for it. That is the experience of watching the two Malaysian bands that are Senja and TimeMachine perform and flourish over the past few years.


Reading Time: 4 minutes The title of my article is Onar-Rona Seorang Omar, as Onar means the uproar/riot while rona means the colour tones of one Omar Apollo. Within minutes of warming up to each others’ presence, we managed to have a conversation and exchange questions to both learn the human experience better and accept, understand one’s purpose in creating work, and embracing vulnerability. An interview with Omar Apollo with Yasmine Lazuli


Reading Time: 4 minutes I’ll take you back to November 30, 2019. It was a sweaty party that I arrived too early for. One claypot chicken rice, two Family Mart trips and three dead phones later, the whole of REX KL was housing the likes of party go-ers and anti-socialites crooning lullabies to themselves in corners. Peggy Gou by Yasmine Lazuli


Reading Time: 4 minutes The 19th of October 2019, like every other day, happens differently for everyone. For me, it was the day I shook hands with Jason Ranti, an Indonesian born and based creator who came to Malaysia to perform his work. This was his debut staging outside of his home country. The event, organized by Mendam Rasso, took place at Serambi Karya, Rumah Meranti 2, Jalan Bellamy, Kuala Lumpur. It was a gathering of many good faces and intentions nesting sheltered and barefoot in a homely space.