Dhan Illiani


Reading Time: 2 minutes An interactive project by Malaysian visual artist Dhan Illiani Yusof, featuring a collaboration with artist Marishka Soekarna from Indonesia-Germany,  in partnership with Women’s Aid Organization


Reading Time: < 1 minute An installation and poetry by Dhan Illiani. Arus Binti is about a girl finding faith in herself and her voice through life’s trials and tribulations. Arus Binti is an ode to women who are resilient to what life throws at them. They are the softness that doesn’t break.


Reading Time: 5 minutes Sofia Haron is a Penang born Malaysian visual artist. Her work revolves around the femininity of a woman’s body. Her interest in figurative drawings in her earlier works made her realize the beauty of a women’s body. An interview by Dhan Illiani, Photographed by Amani Azlin