Arus Binti

by Dhan Illiani Yusof

Photos by Caliph Soekarman

Arus Binti is about a girl finding faith in herself and her voice through life’s trials and tribulations. Arus Binti is an ode to women who are resilient to what life throws at them. They are the softness that doesn’t break. 

The element of water in the film plays it as both its physical properties and also its nature, framed as both the antagonist and protagonist. The river is life, quite literally. Her journey through it isn’t always calm, it can be turbulent with waterfall like plunges, but like water she is resilient and fluid to what comes her way. 

Refusing to take shape, defiant to how water is described by the shape its in, a bowl of water, or a cup of water, a lake, rain, or river. 

In truth it isn’t about a girl, Its about her.

Her faith in herself and her voice helps her keep afloat. Hence, the verses that sounds like a zikir – mirroring the constant flow of acceptance and emotions, being kinder to what her truth may present through different trials. 

An installation and visual poetry now out on our youtube channel. 

Art direction, poem and styling by Dhan Illiani Yusof: Shot by Yazeid on (@yazeidoshinji): Make up and Prop by Neesa (@neesot): Props and bts photos by Caliph (@laiciboi): Assisted by Haiqal Husin (@haiqal.husin) 

Video Screened at Festival Kolektif 2019 in Ipoh, Perak under Projek Rabak. 


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