Together in the Ether, Finally

Reading Time: 2 minutes ‘Together in the Ether, Finally,’ is a Pride Month collaboration with Vans Malaysia that serves to foster LGBTQ+ artists through the OTW Pride Gallery Collection.


Reading Time: < 1 minute In the team process, take a peek behind the scenes of the functions and interactions among the members of MulaZine in action during editorials, projects, and collaborations as well as individual endeavors in pursuing their craftsmanship. Watch as ideas swiftly evolve into drafts and drafts are then converted to achieve a substantial performance. Here you will be able to indulge in the members’ thought processes that transform inputs into concrete results via their cognitive and verbal activities. The content in this space is to showcase our readers the scale and depth of the work involved in hopes that it will allow for a more profound understanding and appreciation for the fruits of the members’ labor.


Reading Time: 2 minutes Patrioeightiesma is an exploration of the existing subcultures in 80’s Malaysia with the hopes of rescuing abandoned memories through a subtly erotic, nakal revisiting of the past, and how it’s influences have trickled down to our current state of affairs and functionality. We celebrate what was by laying out what it has come to be. Below, Jo reimagines a fictional retelling of the moment.


Reading Time: 5 minutes Mula’s first-ever beauty editorial features your local Kedai Runcit, AKA the convenience store, and the multitudinous range of skincare products it provides.


Reading Time: 3 minutes One morning I woke up, I felt a breeze on my head. For the first time, I actually felt really naked with clothes on. I was 11. I remembered yesterday, I told my mom I had kutu. She was freaked out, of course. I was her first born. Nobody had it before me, and probably if my siblings would have it, it would be after me with more experience.