Reading Time: 7 minutes “Before I was an editor, I used to write. A lot. Then I fell in love with films. The reason I went into editing was because I thought that understanding how to edit a film would give me the extra mileage in telling a great story. I feel that it does. And, from this experience in editing, I fell in love with films even more.”


Reading Time: 4 minutes The 19th of October 2019, like every other day, happens differently for everyone. For me, it was the day I shook hands with Jason Ranti, an Indonesian born and based creator who came to Malaysia to perform his work. This was his debut staging outside of his home country. The event, organized by Mendam Rasso, took place at Serambi Karya, Rumah Meranti 2, Jalan Bellamy, Kuala Lumpur. It was a gathering of many good faces and intentions nesting sheltered and barefoot in a homely space.


Reading Time: 8 minutes Porn was a topic touched on during one of these interviews. It is not just porn but the media as a whole that bombards us with one sided representations of the female body. The vulva for example is portrayed as hairless and tucked in when in reality vulvas come in all shapes, colours and sizes. I rarely come across long labials in porn. This is very harmful for women as well as men who only have the media as a source of reference for how female bodies should look like. Kara Inez talks about Feminism and its identity and Art

The Girl In The Batik Dress: Nadir Nahdi by Xia Yi

Reading Time: 6 minutes Born and raised in London, growing up as a Muslim is never a breeze. Born from a Pakistani, Indonesian, Yemeni, and Kenyan ethnic heritage, “Go back to where you’re from”, is a phrase that Nadir Taher Nahdi is familiar with while growing up in the West. A conversation with Nadir Nahdi by Xia Yi