Reading Time: 19 minutes An insight of memorabilia and milestones with Eff Hakim

An hour with Tragikomedi for Monki’s Seven Sisters Salute Sisterhood

Reading Time: 6 minutes Having commissioned seven local female creatives to mold works of art that revolve around what “Salute Sisterhood”, means to each of them, seven creators have birthed resounding bodies of work that invoke their understanding of the theme whilst interweaving their personal styles of art into the seams of their creations.

Amy Peskett Is an Image Maker Before a Photographer

Reading Time: 6 minutes Amy Peskett landed her first gig only months after graduating. Following this, her work, which can only be regarded as ultramodern while still alluding to the past, drew the attention of the internet world and some major players in the fashion industry.

Kuala Lumpur Ceria: Ceria-kah ibu kota kita?

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the end, Kuala Lumpur Ceria is nothing more than what it’s meant to be – a reflection of the deplorable society we live in. All they’re doing is holding up a mirror to all of us and asking everyone to simply look back. So now, what will you do?

What is Kuala Lumpur? Documenting The Forgotten.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Like a game of I spy, the team members of What is Kuala Lumpur point us to the forgotten aspects of Malaysia’s capital city, urging us to look beyond glitter and glam to acknowledge the people and spaces that truly make up Kuala Lumpur’s vast majority. In this interview feature, they speak to Mula about their inspirations, the art of documentary photography, and their vision for a more inclusive Malaysia.