Reading Time: < 1 minute An installation and poetry by Dhan Illiani. Arus Binti is about a girl finding faith in herself and her voice through life’s trials and tribulations. Arus Binti is an ode to women who are resilient to what life throws at them. They are the softness that doesn’t break.

ilū by Monisha Chippada

Reading Time: 2 minutes Veera and Shobha Chippada talks about being an Asian diaspora and how little representations on Indian culture in western media. A video by Monisha Chippada, exhibited at B.T.W exhibition at Freda’s Down Under Space 30th May 2018

Translations Of Sound by Tengku Nurin

Reading Time: 3 minutes What makes up one’s identity? Confused to what she is and where she belongs, Tengku Nurin questions on where and how can she forms herself

Aku, Engkau by Faris Sedek

Reading Time: < 1 minute “There are lots of ways to improve our skills and traits but the question is: to what extent do we go to catch up with the relevancy to provide sustenance for ourselves in the art world?”, A short monologue by Faris Sedek with Natasha Izatil as Head of Visuals from Mulazine Singapore.