Art and Culture

Malaysia Time Tunnel: A Wink Backwards in Time

Reading Time: 4 minutes When prompted on their choice in doing so, the creator of the account stated that managing the account in this manner was not to gain notoriety, but rather in connecting with individuals who share a similar ardor to nostalgia.

Kuala Lumpur Ceria: Ceria-kah ibu kota kita?

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the end, Kuala Lumpur Ceria is nothing more than what it’s meant to be – a reflection of the deplorable society we live in. All they’re doing is holding up a mirror to all of us and asking everyone to simply look back. So now, what will you do?

What is Kuala Lumpur? Documenting The Forgotten.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Like a game of I spy, the team members of What is Kuala Lumpur point us to the forgotten aspects of Malaysia’s capital city, urging us to look beyond glitter and glam to acknowledge the people and spaces that truly make up Kuala Lumpur’s vast majority. In this interview feature, they speak to Mula about their inspirations, the art of documentary photography, and their vision for a more inclusive Malaysia.


Reading Time: 11 minutes For this interview, Editor-in-Chief Alia Soraya sits down to exchange a conversation between Giang Le and Michelle Baraba, two recent art therapy graduates from LASALLE College of the Arts whose identity, understanding, and focus on art can assist in the healing of their clients. Their focus remains towards individuals in Southeast Asia, a necessary integration and a means to create awareness of art therapy in the region.