Art and Culture

A community of dance and love with ONE Ball

Reading Time: < 1 minute Having hosted a multitude of categories while simultaneously paying homage to the folks that created Ballroom culture, we were personally enthralled and left gagged by the beauty of a community who have found themselves through art. Photography by Pravin Nair and Edited by Alia Soraya


Reading Time: 2 minutes Being a part of Team MulaZine, this creative was chosen for his ability to lead the team into a polished state of being – be it for projects, assignments or editorials – and offering written prose that is truly, a work of art.

Together In The Ether, Finally: Kimchi

Reading Time: 2 minutes Together in the Ether, Finally is a collaborative effort between MulaZine and Vans Malaysia, celebrating creators and creatives of varied backgrounds and identities.

Zero Waste Malaysia and The 101 items on the Trashpedia

Reading Time: < 1 minute A Trashpedia, a model tiger made out of 101 types of recycled materials and how we as a consumerist society can work towards making better purchases and getting rid of it.

Scroll down below to read the overview of Zero Waste Malaysia’s efforts in teaching all Malaysian’s how to make greener, conscious efforts.

Together in the Ether, Finally

Reading Time: 2 minutes ‘Together in the Ether, Finally,’ is a Pride Month collaboration with Vans Malaysia that serves to foster LGBTQ+ artists through the OTW Pride Gallery Collection.

Dressing Up For Noodles: In The Mood For Clothes by Julia Merican

Reading Time: 5 minutes Wong Kar-Wai’s turn-of-the-century masterpiece, In the Mood for Love, has been praised on many accounts: for its simple, heartbreaking refinement of plot, its stylishly saturated filmmaking, its stunning protagonists, and, not least of all, for Maggie Cheung’s breathtaking cheongsams, a source of enduring inspiration for women on the outfit prowl every Lunar New Year, hoping to look as sensuously smashing as Mrs Chan. 

A Look Into Faraway Blooms.

Reading Time: 2 minutes “Would these women have been given the right tools to unlock their fullest potential had they remained in Malaysia?” “Talent is like a little seed;